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For those looking for a fishing app to help communicate with friends on the water. Movtan can take fishing to the next level.

Join the fishing world around you on Movtan.

Stand out features on Movtan Fishing

The world under water is simply amazing. Sometimes you may wonder where are all the fish hiding. Questions like what types of fish are found here? Who has got the last catch here? What is the awesome fishing world doing today? There is now a way, Movtan fishing revolutionises your fishing experience.


Take pictures of your highly prized catches. Share with friends and family.


See anglers on the fishing map. Find the best locations to fish, drop your anchor.


Communicate on a personal level. Send map locations to friends and fisherman.

Some basic functions that will get you excited
Saving GPS Locations to Pictures

Easily allow GPS locations on your pictures by leaving the location pin highlighted when…

Dropping Anchors

Drop GPS pins with ease to the map called anchors, a great way to track…

Save and Share Locations

Save GPS fishing locations; Even share locations to friends if you dare! – See saved…

Create Trophies

When adding a new picture to Movtan, you can select the trophy icon allowing this…

Calendar and past events.

Create events and plan fishing trips; invite friends and be more organised on those…

Find Hotspots

Search high and low for the best places to fish and see who is fishing…


Express options with great sayings like Nice Catch, Wow, LOL, Pfft, That’s Gold and Got…

Catch of the Day

A global vote for the picture with the most Nice Catches. – The public visible…

Fishing Feeds

Scroll through uploads of everything fishing, the perfect way to keep up to date and…

Distance Tool

Measure from two point or more and find out the distances to where you want…

Current Status

Change you mood, Display you company tag line or use creative phrases. This is a…


Get notified and always know what’s getting caught around you. – Push notifications let…

Check Tides

Check the local tides and see when its best to go fishing, Available on the…

Weather Reports

Check the weather and plan when to go fishing next, Available on the next build…

More amazing features on Movtan Fishing
Subscribing to other anglers and you will see there public postings no matter where they are. 

Follow Anglers

Liven up your fishing feeds by subscribing to anglers from all over the world.

Use the map to search for amazing fishing locations from around the world; Subscribing to anglers gets you there public post updates.

Reading the Anglers status in the maps list view is a great fast indication to see what they are all about.


Show off your Catch

Catch a nice fish and share to your intended audience, Brag to a mate or send it public and attract followers.

Sharing to the public privacy sends the post as far as 50 kilometre radius from the uploads location.

The perfect way to show off your catch, send it public and maybe get the catch of the day!
Refer back the days you had allot of in app activity; a great way to remember catches.


Create an event and invite all your buddies; now you have no excuse not to go on that planned road trip and tackle that awesome kingfish!

Movtans calendar records your daily in app activities to help looking back on great moments; you can also see other users in app actions if the privacy settings they have chosen allow you to.  Perfect.


Privacy Options

Be hidden on the map or attract follows and show your location at all times; you can set the map to be friend to friend visibility as well; feel like hiding? Np, go under the radar and be invisible to all!


We take privacy very seriously and ensure your private information stays with you. Only me settings mean that no one can see. Friends only is just for friends and Public means for all to see.

We take privacy very seriously; select the options that suits you best at any time.