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Fly Fishing Victoria
The Best Spots for Fly Fishing Victoria Has to Offer

The best spots for fly fishing Victoria has to offer are spread across the state. Fly fishers can then just identify the fishing spot nearest their place of residence – use the Movtan fishing app to identify the fishing hotspots – plan their weekend fishing expedition, and then enjoy catching fish in tranquil environments. Here are the fishing spots in Victoria that avid fly fishers have identified as fishing hotspots for most months of the year except when local authorities declare a closed fishing season.

Otway Basin

The 500-kilometre Otway Basin stretches from northwest Tasmania to Cape Jaffa in South Australia, thus, making it parts of the 4,000-kilometre Australian Southern Rift System. Most of the rivers and lakes in the basin are navigable by boat as well as excellent spots for fly fishing Victoria has to offer. Two of the best rivers for fly fishing are:

• Aire River, Hordern Vale

The Aire River is set amidst a wide range of vegetation from pine plantations in the upstream are to the native forest and farmland on the downstream side toward the Great Ocean Road. Its upper reaches are characterized by wide, shallow water with little to no pools filled with a wide variety of fish species including galaxias (i.e., common, mountain and trout), congoli, and flathead gudgeon as well as rainbow trout, shorthead lamprey and pouch lamprey.

• Barham River, Apollo Bay

The river may be small, shallow and fast-flowing but it is considered one of the best places for catching brown streams in the entire Otways basin. Other fish species include short-finned eel, estuary perch and congoli as well as Australian smelt, eastern gambusia and Australin salmon in the freshwater areas and estuaries.

Thomson River Basin

The Thomson River Basin is also the location for many of the best spots for fly fishing Victoria has to offer. Among these spots are:

• Aberfeldy River, Aberfeldy

The clear and wide mountain stream runs through steep forest but it is easily accessible by conventional vehicles up to the Walhalla/Aberfeldy Road or by track crossings using 4-wheel drive vehicles. Since most of the river can be waded, fly fishing is also easy while its natural beauty adds to the enjoyable experience. The most common fish species are brown trout, short-finned eel, Australian smelt, and river blackfish.

• Avon River, Stratford

The Avon River is slowly but surely becoming well-known as a fly fishing Victoria destination because of recent improvements and fish stockings. The fish species include brown trout, Australian grayling, and European carp as well as short-finned and long-finned eels, Australian bass, and yellow eye mullet, among others.

Lillydale Lake

The 27-hectare Lillydale Lake, located just 45 kilometres east of the City of Melbourne, is one of the most popular fly fishing destinations in Victoria for good reasons. First, it has facilities like toilet, picnic shelters, and boat ramp for non-powered boats as well as a parking area, bike track and beach area for visitors’ use. Second, most of the shoreline can be used by anglers for fly fishing activities with the main catch being redfin and rainbow trout in abundant quantities; local authorities stock the lake with trout during the June and September school holidays.

Indeed, finding the hotspots for fly fishing Victoria is easy with fishing apps like Movtan! But first, practice your fly fishing skills before going to one of these hotspots during the weekend.